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The Magrit recruiting process began in October 2007 and is expected approximately 2270 patients from 400 participating centers in 33 countries in Europe, North and South America by chance, Asia and Australia breast cancer drug tamoxifen .

Doctor-patient conversations about possible clinical trials, with reference to clinical trials sites where appropriate, the key to maximizing the opportunity for the patient. Continued recruitment in study and Magrit other locations are also being sought actively, with a target of more than 400 sites in 33 countries around the world. – ‘The rapid screening of more than 3,000 patients in the study Magrit will benefit is an important step in determining how patients may benefit from a potential new therapy for this challenging disease,’said Dr. Vincent Brichard, Vice-President, Head of Cancer Immunotherapeutics at GSK Biologicals. ‘Tailored therapy with MAGE-A3 ASCI choice NSCLC patients, tumor is based on MAGE-A3 positive improve clinical outcomes improve clinical outcomes for these patients. Asci data presented at WCLC confirm the feasibility and ease of large MAGE-A3 Screening The results also support the previously reported MAGE-A3 tumor expression rates for NSCLC6 (about validation MAGE-A3 as a truly patient – selective. Tumor – specific target.

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