Many Skin Cancer Sufferers Skip Routine Self-Exams: FRIDAY.

Many Skin Cancer Sufferers Skip Routine Self-Exams: – FRIDAY, Oct. 16, 2015 – – Many people who’ve had melanoma pores and skin cancer don’t frequently check their pores and skin for brand-new or recurring indicators of cancer, a new study reveals . Routine skin self-exams are critical to ensure the early detection of fresh or recurring skin cancer, but the scholarly study found that fewer than 15 % of melanoma patients consistently perform thorough pores and skin self-exams. ‘The most common reasons given for not having conducted this exam over the prior two-month period were that patients didn’t think about it, didn’t know what to look for, or didn’t know that they should,’ the study’s lead writer, Elliot Coups, a behavioral scientist at Rutgers Malignancy Institute of New Jersey, said in an institute news release.

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