Many seniors are vibrant and active and want to stay that way.

Enrollment for the 2010 strategy year begins Nov. 15, 2009 with protection beginning on Jan. 1, 2010. Those thinking about learning more about the Medco Medicare Prescription Plan options can visit or call toll-free of charge 1-800-758-3605. TTY/TDD users should contact 1-800-716-3231.. 2010 Medco Medicare Prescription Plan to identify lower-cost medication options Medco Wellness Solutions, Inc. is helping seniors in this hard economy find wise solutions for getting the most value out of their Medicare prescription medication plan.It is considered as one of the most effective weight-loss diet that allows shedding of weight very quickly. It helps dieters to reduce 10 pounds in just three days. It also outcomes in low cholesterol, quick weight loss and more energy. As its name suggests; it really is followed for three days strictly; if you need to lose more weight follow your normal diet for 4-5 days and start over again. Examples: Breakfast: Toast , fifty % grapefruit, Peanut butter , black tea or coffee Lunch: Toast , canned tuna , black coffee or tea Dinner: Vanilla ice cream , Broccoli , carrots , 2 frankfurters, black tea or coffee Protein Power Diet This diet is based on the known fact that if a single intakes even more proteins and less carbohydrates; one loses fat and stays healthy.