Learn website to to encourage children.

Also, online, listen, learn website to to encourage children. Make healthy choices. The site offers superstars as to send Apolo Anton Ohno, the positive messages to children explained to stay fit and healthy and why why elite athletes say no minor. The website also provides parents with information and strategies to help start the conversation about the dangers of underage drinking.

In partnership with The Century Council, the brings questions not to drink to schools across the country through a series of interactive sessions with middle school children say say YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO underage drinking. Decisions I decisions I strongly influenced as a teenager, where I am today done In fact, many of the decisions I ‘ve made off-the – ice have contributed most to my success, said Apolo Anton Ohno, winner of the eight Olympic medals in Olympic medals in short-track speed skating. I truly believe that healthy habits and positive choices in childhood, which is why I am proud to establish common in my own Foundation and work with the Century Council to healthy messages, including, is starting to Say No underage drinking, to kids across the country.Queensland establishing to establish itself than Smart State and a leader in the fields of health and medical research – to risk reduced financial resources for the medical research will be our best researchers and threaten the future health care all Australians.

Recent funding in medical research is is less than 2 % of federal spending on health[1].. Not only medical research If an investment in our health, it also provides positively economic benefit for the country. Any 1 US dollar investing into Australian health R & Germany has, on average, $ 2.17 in health benefits.[2].

Protection healthcare support research is an investment the future health of Australians. Medical advances have life but lives, but have reduces healthcare costs, attracted of international investment and built new sector.

The National Health and Medical Research Council , the top body for the funding for medical research Australia, has at risk of losing millions.