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Is the first study visit, was not sleeping well health-related health-related quality of life, need more help with activities of daily living , and more symptoms of depression. Participants were three and six three and six months later, and the researchers found that sleeping difficult first visit told a deterioration in quality of life, still need help with activities of daily living and even worse symptoms of depression read more . ‘We can not find that poor sleep should causes of these negative changes, but future studies actually ways to improve sleep in ALF, to sleep better sleeping better could be assessed quality of life, delaying functional decline and reduce the risk of depression, ‘said lead author Jennifer Martin. Of the University of California, Los Angeles and VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System Our study has shown that sleep disorders can lead to negative consequences in this vulnerable group of older people Unlike some predictors of functional decline and depression, there are established, effective treatments to improve sleep, ‘said Martin. ‘These treatments were not formally within the population of older adults living in ALF and future research should evaluated behavioral strategies with older adults in the community, Environmental interventions in nursing homes and other treatments used to adapt for use in the ALF setting.

The elderly are increasingly ALF if they are not able to live independently but do not require nursing home level care. The specific services offered vary, but typically include congregate meals, cleaning and personal care assistance. Compared with residents, ALF residents typically function more independently and have greater autonomy in their daily lives. Estimates of the number of ALF vary how institutions are defined, 500 to 50,000 in the U.S. With the residents in the region 611,000 to over a million Evidence that ALF residents are at a very sensitive stage in their lives, visit, for further functional decline and subsequent nursing home.

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