Is MPI testing appropriate and necessary in this patient?

– Is MPI testing appropriate and necessary in this patient? – How can the MPI protocol optimized lowest lowest dose of radiation during diagnostic accuracy? – How can new technologies be used to the lowest possible while maintaining while maintaining diagnostic accuracy?Busy resources and techniques such as appropriate use criteria, in 2014. Stress-only protocols and iterative reconstruction significantly lower radiation doses and higher image quality. ‘Radiation exposure reduction is a global priority and is achievable today in daily practice without sacrifice image quality,’says ASNC President Dr. Mylan Cohen. ‘ASNC and the professionals that represented represent, support and advance methods to reduce the radiation dose associated with cardiac imaging.

ASNC Outlines methods to minimize radiation exposure to patientsNew recommendations of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology were published significantly reduce radiation exposure to patients myocardial perfusion imaging process. Focused on three areas of patient selection, test selection and introduction of new technologies ASNC information statement summarizes best practices for minimizing radiation exposure without compromising quality or clinical benefit to the patient.

The authors of recommendations for reducing radiation exposure in myocardial perfusion imaging physicians provide three important issues in the commissioning and execution of MPI tests:.

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