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As part of of its ongoing commitment to optimizing hemophilia care and improving the lives of people with hemophilia worldwide supports Baxter access on the participation of the community, as well as the education and training of health professionals to improve the blood flow to medical results , treat. Baxter continues to support a multi-year commitment WFH GAP program as the founding and leading sponsor, including multi – year in-kind donations what is the use of antibiotics . Besides WFH GAP donations, with humanitarian aid partner AmeriCares, Baxter people living with hemophilia in underserved countries with nearly 14 million international units of much needed factor replacement therapy achieved donations in recent years. 2 percent About Hemophilia – Hemophilia A is a rare genetic bleeding disorder that mainly males.4 people living with hemophilia do not have enough, or are missing, one of the blood clotting proteins blood.4 blood.4 hemophilia hemophilia , clotting factor VIII is not in percent 2 years. Care team includes a wide range of professionals – including hematologists, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, counselors , and many others – that the necessary skill and care to manage patients’ needs and to improve their health deliver. The inclusion of this specialized team ensures accurate diagnosis, prompt and effective treatment, fewer hospitalizations, healthy joints and muscles, and support for families. The care team also provides psychosocial support for the caregiver, which plays an important role in hemophilia management, including through coordinating medical care and factor replacement therapy factor replacement therapy and educating community members with whom the patient interacts. Thanks in part to hemophilia therapies available today the life expectancy for hemophilia patients in the developed countries to more than 60 years. Increased – References – 1 Soucie JM et al. Mortality in men with hemophilia: relations with source of medical care. Blood 2000, 96 : 437-442. What is Hemophilia? World Federation of Hemophilia. Accessed on 22 April 2010. Find here. Darby SC , et. Mortality, life expectancy and causes of death in people with hemophilia A or B in the United Kingdom Blood infected with HIV. Blood 2007, 815-825. Frequently Asked Questions About Hemophilia. World Federation of Hemophilia. Accessed on 22 April 2010. Find here.

‘ – The ‘Our Lives with Hemophilia: The Stories of Vaibhav and Paul ‘video podcast, here offers perspective into the daily lives of Paul Wilton of London, Canada and Vaibhav Nehra of New Delhi, both of whom live with severe hemophilia A. The video podcast is available in English and German with Spanish subtitles, and an audio version is also available.

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