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In this real way, they are able to provide care to more patients. The change in this structure in Germany has had major consequences for the real number of patients. The increase in chronic and age-related diseases requires more home visits to patients. This delegates medical providers to employees. The authors documented affected individual data and all work in the context of AGnES and interviewed GPs, practice employees, and patients. The authors’ evaluation demonstrated that the project was well recognized by participants. Physicians considered that the quality of medical care was good within the AGnES project..Lawmakers added the wait around to hold down the cost of the brand new government benefit, avoid overlapping with private insurance and make sure Medicare will be available only to people whose disabilities had been long-lasting. Despite what seemed like sound known reasons for its enactment at that time, the 24-month waiting around period has left millions of Americans vulnerable at the most severe period of their lives, draining their budget and jeopardizing their health, said Stuart Guterman, an insurance plan analyst at the Commonwealth Fund, a private foundation that researches healthcare issues. Advocates who’ve pressed for several years for a finish to the waiting period view the current healthcare reform debate as their finest chance to make significant headway.