In the November issue of Hepatology Findings.

Study participants were seen every year to have detailed wellness histories twice, physical exams, interviews, and clinical assessment. During a median follow-up of almost 9 years, experts documented 438 deaths; 37 percent from HIV/AIDS and 11 percent due to liver-related disease. Nearly 56 percent of African Americans, 56 percent of Caucasians and 52 percent of Hispanics passed away during follow-up. The team reports that liver disease was the root cause of death in 21 percent of Hispanics, 14 percent of Caucasians, and only 8 percent of African Americans. Sarkar. Cancer rates are rising, so there were thousands of papers and studies on the relationship between cancer rates and the degrees of antioxidants in the body.Shortliffe, MD. Bob’s experience-working in underserved areas, as senior wellness informatics advisor to the CDC Global Helps Program and the President’s Crisis Plan for AIDS Comfort, and as an onsite expert providing technical assist with Health Ministries during his six-plus years living in Africa-has led to his eminent understanding and visionary stance on global health informatics. Mayes is also a registered nurse with clinical experience in both severe community and care nursing. He keeps degrees in anthropology, nursing, and nursing informatics. GHIP fills a need expressed by many international health organizations for a partner forum, platform, or plan in which to talk about experiential knowledge and guidelines.