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In the letter explains Chiang, as are high drug costs contribute to the dire situation:, year after year, the increasing cost of AIDS drugs, the number of people who have served using existing ADAP funds may be, Also, the For example, in California ADAP program 257 257 percent increase in AIDS drug spending since 2000, more than three times as high as the client growth over this period. This large increase is due to higher prices for newer AIDS drugs, such as Atripla, Gilead, the over $ 21,900 per patient per year.

California can not afford for for ADAP indefinitely for higher for higher prices for drugs. Also, the government be able to deny other essential health services are provided to pay the rising cost of medicines. This tension must be resolved, and in a way, the first serves Californians in need of health care. AHF Controller Chiang would do for its concern about the pricing of key HIV / AIDS drugs Gilead and to urge the company to its part to ensure with new financial instruments patient is in need of life-saving medicines to thank served AHF, Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Said, believes there is simply no justification for the high price of Gilead’s Atripla.Spritz, imply Generated in vitiligo and other autoimmune conditions.

In one study published in of the March 22 New England Journal of Medicine, researchers from to the National Institute of Health National Institute of Arthritis and the musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases supporting connect between a specific Gen and found that inflammatory skin disease and vitiligo, well as a potential plurality of autoimmune diseases.

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