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The trial also met secondary endpoints with statistical significance in favor of EXPAREL for the %age of patients who are pain-free to 8 hours and were at 48 hours, the %age of patients receiving no rescue medication up to 24 hours, and the total amount of recovery of 24 hours is required. EXPAREL appeared to be well tolerated, occurrence of adverse events incidence of adverse events with placebo. No serious adverse events were reported in patients receiving EXPAREL .

Standard can New HIV Vaccine: Terrence Higgins Trust Response, UKThe U.S. Army and the Government of Thailand have day reported to results from a study of an experimental HIV Vaccines. Of the vaccine – combination of two previous experimental vaccines – is to be 16,000 people Thailand, the largest At the end of such a study. At the end of the study, researchers found that the vaccine reduces this risk of transmission of HIV by almost a third. Future For now, course, the best safeguard when sex is still a condom ‘.