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‘The reason why I am interested in the use of these magnetic nanoparticles, because one day we will be able to diagnosis and treatment, or theranostics offer, with a single agent is hope,’said Zhao.. Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles could be used for improving the contrast in magnetic resonance imaging useful in cancer site, he said. In other words , the nanoparticles could help doctors detect cancer, even if the cancer is not visible to the naked eye with an MRI scan.

Zhao said the study paves the way for further research to examine how a biodegradable material like iron oxide nanoparticles for other roles in the fight against cancer, the cancer cell, the implementation and delivery of anti-cancer drugs to the tumor might use. – If the cancer cell, this heated room , it is more susceptible to drugs is where, said Zhao.‘by courtesy of They may entire Kaiser Daily Health Policy show Reports, search the archives and sign up for mail delivery at Kaiser Daily Health policy coverage reprint for imperial network the complimentary. Publish service by The Henry J. Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation, All rights reserved. The designation Logic report from the Independent Review for Food Labelling Law and Policy, Dr. Neal Dr Neal Blewett chairmanship.

AMA President, Dr Andrew Pesce, that Australia has against a growing epidemic of chronic disease and obesity. – time is important that any foods labeled according to, so Australian families all of the relevant information that they need in order healthy decisions what they are on make eating, Pesce said. To the Labelling Logic report set to practice achievable targets helping Australians their know meet their food and make better decisions.