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In her research, Dr. Sladek and his colleagues suggest that younger patients with the shortest duration of Parkinson’s disease, for example, are better suited for cell transplants than patients who have suffered with the disease for a decade or more. The less damaged brain, he said, is open to new cells, in the United States the remaining neurons operate.

The innovative engineering team at Restech is managed by professionals with over two decades of experience each run in the medical history. Holds together the Restech employees over 30 patents in the areas of sensors, data acquisition & monitoring systems , and medical devices. From debilitating and deadly diseases – The stem cell therapy by simple cell replacement method offer to restructure damaged organs, tissues and cells, new, or provide methods for awakening biological signals to regenerate cells.Pharma IQ is pioneering Last compound management Discussion with the launch of first compound management events – Compound Management and Integrity line event, which will take a form innovative of eleven online session over 5 weeks starting the thirty first October 2014.

It also means make easily available easily access global public and industry experts will from the USA be able network simply with colleagues from European, to leave without the need for her desk or your home. .

Simplification of compound management and integrity of process being top of the agenda of many companies, and the was recently published by Dr. Mike May at an issue of Drug Discovery and Development, which means that agencies for more effective possibilities keeping track of watched recognize libraries of compounds and biological samples, as it expand.

12 speakers from 10 countries deliver 11 presentations:GlaxoSmithKline Leibniz Institute of Molecular Pharmacology AstraZeneca University of Dundee in Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development, GlaxoSmithKline R & D China Abbott Amgen Germany Scripps Florida Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd Key? of the fact discussed in part expert panel:..