In Goodgold study reported one-third of children with back pain.

In Goodgold study reported one-third of children with back pain, which had caused them to visit a doctor, miss school, or failing physical activity. While is no scientific evidence this, cause cause heavy backpacks serious back or other muscle, Good Gold said: We know that back pain back pain usually recurrent problems, and we know that the risk of future back problems increases if a person has an episode .

Physiotherapists recommend the following features when choosing a backpack: – A padded back on the back reduce pressure on the back and prevent the packing of the contents from the ditch into the back of the child, – to a waist belt distribute some of the load to the pelvis, – compression straps on the sides or bottom of the rucksack that on tightening, zip the contents of the backpack and stabilize the product and – Reflective material, so that the child is in the driver’s night visible.The NHIS is leading pursuing this cluster and have detailed information about more than 540 clusters in 277 PCTs proportion of more than 5700 practices through England as far as. This data is published on-line by the National Health Intelligence services and also of reviews share with Health Sector Publishing sold releases, called SMD tracker.

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