In a 12-week study in 50 treatment-seeking cannabis users.

Pearson Family chairman and Co – director of the Pearson Center for Alcoholism and Addiction Research at The Scripps Research said. ‘The other nice thing about gabapentin is that it is already often prescribed, its safety is less likely to be a problem. ‘.. In a 12-week study in 50 treatment-seeking cannabis users, those who used gabapentin, took fewer cannabis, experienced less withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, and scored on tests of attention, impulse control and other cognitive abilities, compared to patients who received placebo. If these results are confirmed by larger ongoing studies, gabapentin might be the first FDA – approved drug treatment for cannabis dependence.

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Gabapentin also reported significantly reduced the symptoms of withdrawal, such as insomnia, drug cravings, and dysphoria. And although gabapentin is usually considered a brain-depressant drug can cause drowsiness as a side effect thought there was some evidence that it sharpened cognition among cannabis users. Seven gabapentin and ten patients on placebo sat tests of attention, impulse control and other executive functions just before the start of the trial and at week four.The team found that sequential SAFE diagnostic accuracy of been 87 percent – substantially lower than individual SAFE to diagnose significant fibrosis from 90 percent. In the number of hepatic biopsies with successive SAFE were significantly greater than necessary to individual SAFE F? 2 or SAFE to F4 in 71 percent compared to 64 percent and 6 percent. Scientists also reported similar results with sequential BA diagnostic accuracy of was 85 percent in comparison with 88 percent in individual BA and 94 percent .

Fibrosis progression can be very unpredictable and accurate classification of the stage of fibrosis is extremely important, said Dr. Y r I Boursier, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Angers in France? A good diagnostic algorithm has similar accuracy as subsequent classification without any the necessity of the liver biopsy fibrosis determine the extent of fibrosis is of great benefit to the patient. .. This press release may contains forward-looking statements which involve risks and uncertainties. Actual outcomes and results to those who those discussed or anticipated. For example , statements regarding expectations prior to launching research, progress towards clinical studies and future business initiatives are forward-looking statement.