HENT1 on the cell membrane[ 1].

Elacytarabine is a novel cytotoxic agent and an analogue of cytarabine – the backbone of therapy of acute leukemia. Unfortunately, a substantial portion of AML patients a lack of uptake of cytarabine in leukemia cells by their lack of expression of a necessary transport protein, hENT1 on the cell membrane[ 1]. Cellular uptake of elacytarabine unlike cytarabine is independent of hENT1 , which provides a potential clinical advantage in the treatment of AML elacytarabine.

It is a segmented market with a variety of diseases. A great clinical importance is the high rate of relapse. The five-year survival rate for the most common type of acute leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia is in the range of 5-10 percent for treated elderly patients, and approximately 30 percent for treated younger adults.

The centers recruiting in Phase I were MD Anderson Cancer Center , Houston, Duke University Hospital, and University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, all in the U.S. [1] Hubeek et al, Br J Cancer 2005 and Galmarini et al, Leukemia Research, 2002About Elacytarabine and nucleoside transporter – Clavis Pharma ‘s lead compound elacytarabine is a patented lipid Vector Technology version of the gold standard leukemia drug cytarabine.The Heart Institute, be studies on complex cardiovascular mechanism to identify partial. A worldwide effort into a core to the leading academic Organisations this Herzzentrum works with an international consortium that 13 new 13 new genes that increase the the risk of coronary heart disease .

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