Healthcare centers.

AHF denies BMS sales reprepresentatives access to healthcare centers Today AIDS Healthcare Base announced that it offers banned pharmaceutical sales representatives from Bristol-Myers Squibb from calling on AHF’s medical suppliers and staff in its sixteen U Get more information .S. Healthcare centers. The decision is based on BMS’ refusal to lower the price of its key Helps medication Reyataz for cash-strapped AIDS Drug Assistance Applications. However, BMS offers refused to do its part.S. Homayoon Khanlou, M.D. State: As AHF provides repeatedly pointed out to BMS relating to this issue, the high price charged for Reyataz is definitely adding to a crisis that has left a large number of patients without usage of lifesaving AIDS treatment.

‘On an individual note, the discharge of the Draft National Alzheimer’s Plan coincidentally aligns with the day that AFA is certainly celebrating its tenth anniversary. Our national organization was founded to fill up a gap in care-related services and applications, and over the past 10 years we’ve proudly made enormous and meaningful strides to boost standard of living for countless households and, moreover, to greatly help propel Alzheimer’s disease out of the shadows. ‘Today, with the strong commitment of federal leaders and louder outcry from the general public, the urgency of the Alzheimer’s disease crisis is being recognized and acted upon. There is no doubt that this is the ‘moment’ for Alzheimer’s disease. All Us citizens are anxiously looking forward to this instant to transform right into a monumental life-changer for family members affected by Alzheimer’s disease now and in the future.