Given honoring outstanding contributions and achievements in gastroenterology.

Truly, they deserve our appreciation and sincerest gratitude. Julius Friedenwald Medal AGA's highest honor is awarded to Nicholas F. LaRusso, MD, AGAF. The Julius Friedenwald Medal, presented since 1941 annually, recognizes your physician for lifelong contributions to the field of gastroenterology. Dr. LaRusso, a previous president of the AGA Institute, has devoted his distinguished, 35-year career to the field of gastroenterology and to the ongoing service of AGA and its membership.Professor Ian McDonald of the Division of Economics at the University of Melbourne, provides warned it really is unreasonable to inquire customers to make sacrifices for people in the future who will be better off. Professor McDonald offers been researching the implications of an ageing people for the future functionality of the Australian economy and concludes that the ageing inhabitants is not a threat to living criteria, which may reasonably be likely to grow at a healthy rate, even though the populace will age. If the retirement age had been pushed out to 68.1 years for men and 66.6 years for women, it would only generate a 0.9 percent improvement in the overall 35 percent improvement to living standards projected for another 25 years. That is a tiny amount. Although increases in health expenditure will be costly and so are more uncertain, Professor McDonald says this is not because of the amounts of aged people right now and in the foreseeable future, but because of uncertainty over the amount and cost of health solutions to be offered.