FUS is typically present in the nucleus of human cells is in some ALS-associated mutations of FUS.

FUS is typically present in the nucleus of human cells is in some ALS-associated mutations of FUS. Protein common in the cytoplasm, suggesting that it misplacement these which may cause disease. Consistent with that found both groups that clump limitation overexpressed normal FUS protein decreased in the cell nucleus. Both groups showed that promote promote agglutination clumping between FUS and TDP-43.

This suggests that the disease-causing likely probably connected between ALS with FUS clumping towards TDP-43 clumping explained Shorter lab research specialist and co-first author Zamia Diaz to be honest, FUSect the same behavior for TDP-43 and FUS in yeast and pure protein level in terms of how the protein clumps So, next we asked what proteins do the opposite TDP-43 toxicity? Reverser affect FUS clumping toxicity? Says Gitler.

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