From a clone from a scientist puts the core from a donor cell.

From a clone from a scientist puts the core from a donor cell , it into an egg from which the nucleus has been removed. The researcher then tricks the egg into thinking it has been fertilized. The egg develops into a blastocyst consisting, an early embryo is not more than 100 or so cells. The scientist can then either remove the stem cells from the blastocyst, or place it into a uterus where it has the potential to develop into a fetus.

Demonstrated in mice but not in humans, it stem cells stem cells from a cloned embryo is derived. But if cloned embryos can not produce normal organisms, how can they produce normal stem cells?. But are the cloned embryo stem cell were besieging the same mistakes?Studies have shown that a small number of stem cells in the blastocyst spared this faulty reprogramming seem. Stem cells stem cells taken from a cloned blastocyst and placed in a tray, most die. But survive and lead to an embryonic stem cell line, and these appear to be thoroughly reprogrammed.

Also known somatic cell nuclear transfer, therapeutic cloning is a promising approach individually tailored individually tailored cell therapies for the treatment of certain diseases.– schedules to start just the fourth Paediatric stroke Fellowship Programme in North America, joining Harvard, the children hospital out of Philadelphia, and SickKids Toronto. ‘The fellowship be 1-2 years to provide additional education to treat pediatric neurologist and to study apoplexy among children,’said Dowling, also Assistant Professor pediatric neurology at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

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