Found Antifreeze proteins.

Found Antifreeze proteins, especially the hyperactive type of spruce budworm and other organisms, have various potential applications, according to Braslavsky. It could be used to preserve the organs and tissues for medical applications such as grafts, and also could prevent frostbite. You crystal growth the growth of crystals in ice cream – and protect against agricultural frost damage – an application already at least one commercial food manufacturer.

Fluorescence microscopy has shown how aggressive these proteins the cells of the insect, which was originally to protect from the U.S. And Canada forests.The finding could future applications in medicine, agriculture and commercial food industry, according to a team of scientists led by Ido Braslavsky, an assistant professor of physics and astronomy at Ohio University, and Peter Davies, a professor of biochemistry and biology has led to the Queens University in Canada.– Provides follow-on biologics – Grant of manufacturer of biological products, a number of few years marketing exclusivity, like a way that manufacturer of the traditional medicines are already been, it would follow-on biologics manufacturers in entering the market and driving competitive price. Fall That Congressional Budget Office estimates that follow-on biologics is production a saving of at least $ 5900000000 if $, if increased tax revenues are included) for 10 years.