Fenton closely on the project with Elizabeth Gardner.

Fenton closely on the project with Elizabeth Gardner, also with the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition and the previously alluded to the impact of diet in warding off the flu saw When applying some of the lessons in these studies, mice with bacterially induced colitis, were researchers mice GOS had significantly less inflammation and less abnormal cells, two precursors to colon cancer. It seemed, Fenton said, the positive results of the significant increase in the body’s natural killer cells were connected, found in the immune system and fight off infections in the vital new body -.

– There is something unique about certain types of fibers, such as GOS, and how they change and influence the immune system cells to alter disease risk, either for good or bad, she said. Our ultimate goal is to identify either eating habits or diet components, inflammation and cancer to reduce risk. In this case we have used prebiotics changes changes in intestinal bacteria, which effect on the intestine effect on the gut is .

Prebiotics are fiber supplements as food for the trillions of tiny bacteria live in the intestines are. When taken, they of of good bacteria. The development of the prebiotic supplements provide novel therapeutic targets for researchers and physicians.. In fact, the mice fed GOS – colitis saw a reduction of 50 % – a synthetic compound fibers such as beneficial bacteria and is found in foods such as biscuits and baby food.research has shown certain types of foods and fibers can reduce colon cancer risk, Fenton said the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.Then be used three mathematical methods to reconstruct patterns of brain develop about that primate family tree from those 37 consisting and 23 of the extinct primates.. Which suggests Hat always cause bigger brains?The commonly assuming that primates, their minds forever tends to growing was a team of scientists a team of scientists in Cambridge and Durham. Your working helps to to solve the mystery of whether Homo floresiensis – which Hobbit named due to its low Height – became a separate the human species or a sick individual.

. Period primate evolution to Go to declines in brain size are of high interest as they may. An insight into the selective pressure of and developmental disabilities limitations resulting to the size of the brain .