Extra CFTR inhibitor technology licensed to Napo Pharmaceuticals Napo Pharmaceuticals.

Provides in-certified from the University of California Regents additional small-molecule cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator inhibitor technology including gastrointestinal and polycystic kidney disease indications. PKD, a respected reason behind end-stage renal disease and kidney transplants, affects 600 around,000 people in the usa, and 12.5 million worldwide, based on the PKD Foundation.D., Ph.D., of the University of California San Francisco Department of Medication, was recently awarded a National Institutes of Wellness problem grant to further assess CFTR inhibitor technology targeting PKD.Professor Sir Mike Richards, the National Clinical Director for cancers, said: ‘The outcomes of the survey show how essential it is to obtain the message across that malignancy can frequently be treatable if diagnosed early. That’s why we are launching a marketing campaign in January to improve awareness of the first signs or symptoms of breast, lung and bowel cancer and encourage people to seek medical advice as quickly as possible.in January 2011 75 million for an early indications and symptoms advertising campaign to launch. The campaign will be driven by local activity spread across 59 regions around the national country. This will be backed by two regional pilots in the East of England and the THE WEST which will concentrate on bowel tumor and, based on results, may be rolled out nationally.

AIDS and circumcision – the jury’s still out According to preliminary effects of a scholarly research in Africa, although circumcision offers males some protection from the Helps virus, if they’re already-infected, unless they let the penis heal totally they may put women at an even higher threat of contracting the virus.