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Data on nearly 4,000 subjects were the study, which was funded by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Federal Centre for Occupational Health and Safety analyzes. The onset and progression of atopic dermatitis was compared in a follow-up patients at 9-11 and 16-20 years, As expected, theh primary manifestation of recurrence or continuation of a pre-existing condition during adolescence were associated evaluated. In approximately 7 percent of the participants, atopic dermatitis first appeared during this phase, with girls . At higher risk for developing the condition during their teenage years Conversely, boys were overrepresented among younger patients. As expected, the likelihood of developing eczema increased significantly if a close relative suffered from the disorder. ‘Children who have been breastfed have siblings and attended kindergarten tend not to develop the condition in early infancy,’says Peters. ‘Strikingly, these factors have much less influence on the risk for late-onset form. Occupational exposure to irritating substances seems the only predisposing factor of great importance in cases of late-onset atopic be. ‘with increased risk at increased risk include, bakers, cleaners and nurses. ‘Even short-term exposure to the chemicals one encounters in these settings can have a negative effect,’said Peters out. ‘Allergists results when results when dispensing career counseling to young patients or adolescents at risk for atopic dermatitis. The results showed that the restoration of the SMN levels prevent heart rates and prevent the early development of dilated cardiomyopathy.

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