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Data from the study, which included 19 patients period immunotherapy for prostate cancer results in a statistically significant increase in median PSA doubling time as well as the formation of prostate cancer-associated antibodies in 79 % of patients who received GVAX immunotherapy. These data will be used today by Kristen Hege, Vice President of Clinical Research and Development are at Cell Genesys, at the annual meeting of the Tumor Vaccine and Cell Therapy Working Group in San Diego, California, in conjunction with the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting held.. Cell Genesys announced data from a completed Phase 1/2 trial of GVAX immunotherapy for prostate cancer in men with recurrent prostate cancer who had not yet received treatment with hormone replacement therapy after prostate cancer recurrence after surgery and / or radiotherapy.

Patients an initial dose of an initial dose of GVAX immunotherapy for prostate cancer by bi – weekly injections for a period of six months, followed. Patients for for a further six months after the last injection for adverse events, PSA response, changes in PSA kinetics, and the induction of prostate cancer-associated antibodies. Long-term safety monitoring was conducted and at a median follow-up of six years, 17 of the 19 patients remained alive.At MU, raising number of programs student about the dangers of date-rape drugs and sexual assault. Your Relationship and of sexual violence Prevention Center is a comprehensive relationship and sex of violence education service the resource Centers, in cooperation with the MU female Center through by the work of four engaged student organizations and arranged:. The RSVP peer education, that Greek Advocates, the fact Together Against relation and sexual assault) and MARS .


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