Contrast-free Improved Angiography to facilitate the visualization of smaller vessels.

– Proprietary not MRA techniques that allow safe MRA imaging of patients with known renal compromise. Toshiba MRA techniques include Fresh Blood Imaging for evaluating peripheral vascular disease of the lower legs and limbs; Contrast-free Improved Angiography to facilitate the visualization of smaller vessels; Time Spatial Labeling Inversion Pulse for evaluating hemodynamic, functional evaluation and visualization of vascular structures and Time and Space angiography to create non – contrast time-resolved imaging with high temporal resolution.

‘and in planning our new MR department, we have not only around the clock access to MR exams wanted to improve work processes, large open Overlake focus on patient safety and comfort, ‘said Brenda Rinehart, Director of Medical Imaging, Overlake Hospital. ‘meets The Titan features and exceed those requirements. One example is the titanium large, open bore and noise reduction technology, which have improved the exam experience for our claustrophobic patients. This led to a reduction in the need for sedation led so we. To image patients more quickly and safely ‘.

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