Contact your doctor or allergist for proper evaluation and treatment.

– Contact your doctor or allergist for proper evaluation and treatment., NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell Medical Center 525 East 68th Street, Box 144 New York.

Drs Stewart and Resnick offer these 10 tips the winter months more bearable for allergy sufferers – Keep your indoor humidity below 35 % to prevent the growth of mold and mites – Use exhaust fans to remove the shower or cooking excess moisture and odors avoid carpets. In the bedroom, if possible, since wall – to-wall carpet augment an ideal place for dust mites is.

– Children with asthma should get a flu vaccine at the end of October or early November before the onset of cold weather. Hold your child well hydrated and protected from cold air with the right clothing.Estimations show Hispanic AIDS Awareness DayStatement by Kevin Fenton, Director, the National Center for HIV / AIDS, Hepatitis, HOURS and TB Prevention Centres for Disease Disease Control and Prevention.

HIV prevention among Latino is a top CDC priority to, and our effort are as diverse as the Latino community are. Our scientists concentrate in the development of, implementation and evaluation culture and language adequate prevention action. She operate well as methods aimed at improving access and identifying attending HIV test for Latin and other Population groups at increased risk of to an HIV infection.

The eighth annual National Latino AIDS Awareness Day coincide with a period of the renewed national commitment and optimism with regard to HIV prevention , since President of Obama’s National HIV / AIDS strategy, which is concentrated this nation the efforts in fighting HIV recently announced.