2010 pertussis outbreak linked to vaccine-averse parents Parents who won’t vaccinate their children may be contributing to disease outbreaks directly, new research suggests. Researchers have connected parents not really vaccinating […]

And Luis Gonzalez with conspiracy and Medicare fraud in connection with the operation of Just Medical Services Inc. , a Miami DME organization. In addition, Gonzalez was billed with Medicare […]

A wellness provision in the Senate reform bill draws opposition A health overhaul provision designed to encourage healthier lifestyles by allowing companies to provide insurance discounts to workers who meet […]

The default ratio of individuals to nurses in this unit is definitely 2:1, with a 1:1 ratio for a median of 2 individuals daily . We enrolled all individuals who […]

For cardiovascular loss of life, we studied week 1, weeks 2 to 4, weeks 5 to 26, weeks 27 to 52, and week 53 onward following the cancer diagnosis. Due […]

Almost the same %age of respondents in ’09 2009 and 2010 cited the necessity to manage their methods’ administrative overhead more effectively as a driver behind IT adoption–44 % in […]