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Lead author Dr Ashraf Ibrahim, the 38th Cambridge Research Institute at the University of Cambridge, said: The molecular signals, the genes that make proteins or do not say, become confused in cancer cells We’veidentified several places where the signal is damaged shown. That this is associated with colorectal cancer development..This prospective study aimed evaluate the value of AKIN in Turkey Style in the prediction results in hospitalized patients cirrhosis of the liver. Of 300 patients of Department on complications of cirrhosis 88 advanced , kidney failure accordance with the AKIN Style. Three-month survival of these patients was 38 percent, comparing to 87 percent of patients who not renal impairment compared to the initial value within 48 hours of.

Fagundes C. , et al Acute kidney Injury Network criteria to acute kidney failure predicted outcomes for hospitalized cirrhotic patients O Prospective Study.

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The first clinical study that has the use of the AKIN tests Invite in liver cirrhosis significant advantages changes to change the potential for future diagnosis of, according to results of Spain study released today, Mar – 31-2014, International Congress liver.. References:.