Brazil was a compulsory license for efavirenz through the TRIPS flexibilities.

Brazil was a compulsory license for efavirenz through the TRIPS flexibilities , which brought the price to more than two-thirds of the U.S. $ 1.60 per dose to U.S. $ 0.45 for a generic version of Such price differences have a huge impact deliver on the capacity of national authorities and other service providers to to access antiretroviral treatment for those in need.

At least six at least six times more expensive than first-line therapy, ‘Practice Gottfried Hirnschall, director of the WHO HIV / AIDS department is. ‘Making full use of trade flexibilities and other cost reduction strategies for drug quality is more important than ever. ‘.

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Zhang told Li it was able to synthesis hollow gold nanospheres which absorb light efficient emitted exactly the wavelength through lithium near-infrared laser. The heat kill the cancer cell depends on light absorbing through the metal nanoparticles so efficiently absorption of the light be better, said Zhang. The hollow gold nanospheres are 50 times more effective as fixed Au nanoparticles for light absorption in the near infrared. .

The hollow gold nanospheres develops laboratory from Jin Zhang Professor of chemistry and biochemistry at UCSC, a unique combination of properties of, including severe, narrow, and tunable absorbing light. Zhang with researchers at University of Texas MD Anderson that were using the new nanostructures for tumors of for photothermal treatment of cancer target along.