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The 1973 Supreme Court decision, the depressed state abortion prohibits, the Washington Post reports. The rally, called Justice Sunday II, aimed to Christians Christians about the importance of Supreme Court nominee and also served to Supreme Court nominee Judge John Roberts, whose hearings are set to support start of September. Conservative leader at the rally, said that she hoped that Roberts will be selected first of several judges of President Bush, according to the Post organized. However, most have in favor of in favor of state-sanctioned, same-sex marriage, in favor of partial abortion, in favor of the liberation of the public square of any mention of our nation’s religious heritage, added House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and: We have heard the arguments, and we agree, said (Dart, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, DeLay also Roberts seem to be as controversial as you can imagine, adding that his nomination had understandably – and fortunately.

More Coverage Several newspapers recently published article analyzes the current debates on Roberts ‘ nomination Some of them are listed below.

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