At issue is certainly a provision in the FY 2016 President&39.

Prohibiting multispecialty medical groups and integrated wellness systems from offering imaging services will result in more fragmented treatment and would impede the power of AMGA users to coordinate care, stated Donald W. Fisher, Ph.D., CAE, AMGA's president and chief executive officer. AMGA members utilize advanced health information technology, care management procedures, and scientific decision support tools to help make sure that patients receive appropriate imaging care. Instituting such restrictions works counter to the Administration's attempts to stimulate greater integration and care coordination inside our healthcare system.Any time a complementary therapy begins to encroach upon the territory of even more barbaric Western treatments, organized medication starts to get a bit defensive. They don’t want anything competing with their profit centers, which are, of course, prescription drugs, surgery, chemotherapy, and additional such radical treatments. So the official phrase that you are likely to hear about acupuncture for several years to come is usually that yes, it’s good for treating discomfort, or reducing nausea, or carrying out other minor what to help individuals, but that if you are really sick, you should go get medical procedures, or you should start taking all of these prescription medications for the rest you will ever have, or you should obtain chemotherapy that destroys your immune system.