Arthur Greenberg.

Patients with a known allergy or adverse reaction to extended-discharge dipyridamole plus aspirin or with uncontrolled hypertension were also ineligible. The institutional review board of each participating clinical center approved the scholarly study protocol. Each individual provided written educated consent before enrollment. Study Design and Procedures On January 1 Recruitment began, 2003, on July 31 and ended, 2007; follow-up of individuals continued until January 31, 2008.Clean animal protein in the form of grass-fed bison and beef, wild seafood and organic poultry should be consumed regularly. The nutrition plan should feature phytonutrient rich vegetables and herbal remedies and low-glycemic fruit like lemons and berries. Uncorrected physical stress is destructivePhysical stress is due to poor spinal function and unusual movement patterns. When an individual experiences some form of trauma like a motor car accident, fall or contact sports, the nervous and spine system become damaged. Poor posture patterns will cause muscle imbalances and spinal subluxation patterns also. A sedentary life style is extremely damaging to the physical body as are poor biomechanics in lifting, walking and bending. The more these poor biomechanical patterns are utilized, the more uneven wear and tear the physical body experiences.