And according to a fresh study posted in the journal Cell Metabolism.

Recently, researchers from Sweden and has exposed that infants at least have got the typical brown elsewhere, heat generating fat tissue, a discovery that elevated hopes about finding brand-new means by which to treat obesity. Today’s study, however, shows that activating brown fat to reduce bodyweight can be risky in conjunction with some type of cardiovascular disease.. Activation of brown body fat increases heart-related mortality during winter More people die from heart-disease through the winter months, and according to a fresh study posted in the journal Cell Metabolism, the increase in mortality is certainly possibly because of the accelerated growth of atherosclerotic plaque in the blood vessels due to the activation of brownish fat by the cool.Sales of around $123 million, relating to IMS Health data.

Allenex to sell its keeping in AnaMar Stomach to Koncentra Holding Allenex has agreed to sell its holding in AnaMar AB to the company's main owner Koncentra Keeping. The purchase price is set to at least one 1,7 mkr. Allenex became an owner in AnaMar 1998. Their concentrate area is chronic joint illnesses. Allenex hasn’t participated in the financing of AnaMar recently and the equity that now is for sale equivalent about 2,1 percent of the total share capital in AnaMar. The Allenex reserve value of the equity is zero. The offer will as a result mean corresponding income for Allenex in the next quarter of 2013.