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Hyperlipidemia, a report for the AMA by the Family Medicine Research Centre prepared at the University of Sydney enables GPs MRI could Medicare Medicare the government to save up to $ 42,000 a year because family doctors to order fewer CT scans Pesce said, the government needs improve access to improve access to MRI machines, if the machine meets the standards.. AMA Federal President, Dr Andrew Pesce, used GP Week the government the government for its decision the the funding for GP – referred MRI ax. Pesce said the move would improve access to health care because the patients. Not for specialist appointments, before they must wait referred for MRI Allows With MRI, where clinically appropriate reduces costs for the healthcare system of inadequate tests and GPs would be better care for the patients, he said.

The findings, now available online in the 15th November issue of the Journal of Infectious Diseases suggest that HAART therapy as early as possible should be initiated in eligible mothers in areas with limited resources, such as Africa, where most infant HIV-1 infections occur, and breastfeeding is common.

Detects Although more research is needed to develop safe, effective and inexpensive ways to postnatal transmission in settings to prevent with few resources, the authors recommend the study found that women presenting late in pregnancy, the low CD4 cell count and require antiretroviral treatment start HAART as soon as possible during pregnancy or childbirth.Researcher at University of Ottawa, that Environmental Health Sciences Bureau , the Air Health Effects Division, of water, Air and Climate office and Health Canada criticism springs, health impacts and Reduction Strategy for several major sources of of living internally contaminants. This information is helpful help for both home owners and physician to avoid and to treat potential health problems. Exposure to second hand smoke and radon the most common causes of lung cancer after cigarette smoking.

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IAQ has a bigger influence on health than outdoor air quality of, how North American adult to spend fast 90 percent of their time indoors. Exposure chemical or biological contamination and the possible cancer-causing agents is possible to, and the to the risk for development of respiratory and neurologic symptoms, allergies, asthma and lung cancer.