All-Med Billing Corp.

And Luis Gonzalez with conspiracy and Medicare fraud in connection with the operation of Just Medical Services Inc. , a Miami DME organization. In addition, Gonzalez was billed with Medicare fraud with regards to another DME business, Premier Medical Provider. Inc. . As a result of fraudulent claims alleged to have been submitted by All-Med on behalf of Merely Medical and Premier, Medicare paid over $3.7 million. If convicted of medical and conspiracy care fraud charges, each one of the eight defendants faces a maximum punishment of a decade imprisonment per count. The Diazes face an additional twenty years imprisonment on the amount of money laundering charge. Indictment: U.S. V. Jose Tomas Iglesias, et al. On May 22, 2007, another indictment charged defendants Jose Tomas Iglesias, Marco Antonio Marrero, and Leslie Gonzalez, Case No.The findings are essential because a key biological function of acute pain is to avoid bodily injury. Vision plays a critical role, since it allows a person to identify and avoid potentially hazardous situations immediately. Previous studies conducted in normal-sighted individuals had already demonstrated the link between vision and pain perception. The research group hypothesized that the lack of visual cues may therefore result in heightened vigilance for painful stimuli. Investigators recruited one group of 11 congenitally blind and 15 normal-sighted participants from Italy and a second group of 18 congenitally blind and 18 normal-sighted participants from Denmark.