Alcohol figures in Australia: Beer low wine high By Dr Ananya Mandal.

Alcohol figures in Australia: Beer low wine high By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD New statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistic on alcohol and wine usage released on Tuesday show beer consumption is currently at its lowest level in 61 years. It really is making up less than half of all the pure alcohol consumed in Australia. Over the past four years apparent consumption of low strength beers has slumped 37 percent . An average Australian drank slightly below 107 litres of beer in the entire year to June 2009, which was the lowest reading since 1947.89 litres per person to 29.36 litres in the year to June 2009 says the ABS report.

Regular drinks per week possess a 89-fold improved threat of esophageal cancer in comparison to nondrinkers. Dr. Yokoyama is definitely a co-author of the latest report. The researchers add that many ALDH2-deficient university learners may have their first experiences with weighty drinking while in college. Therefore, it is particularly important for university health specialists to be aware of the partnership between ALDH2-deficiency, facial flushing, and alcohol-related tumor risk. Informing ALDH2-deficient young people of their risk of esophageal tumor from alcohol drinking represents a very important and cost-effective chance of cancer prevention..