Aganirsen proved in Retinal Disease ActiveGene Signal.

A role for the drug candidate in human retinal neovascular diseases such as wet age-related macular degeneration and ischemic retinopathy Gene Signal the aganirsen is an antisense likely probably a phase III trial for the treatment of progressive corneal neovascularization in the complete in 2015. Clinical studies in retinal diseases are schedule to begin in the second quarter of 2015. Anti-angiogenic agents’This study demonstrates the ability of the formation aganirsen neovascularization in the retina by inhibiting the expression of the angiogenic protein, IRS-1 is important to to address , this is achieved without affecting the normal vascularization ‘noted Dr.

Aganirsen daily in non-human primates by laser-induced CNV , a model of the wet age-related macular degeneration used. Retinal aganirsen concentrations in monkeys after topical administration were examined. Aganirsen proved to be dose-dependent neovascular lesion to inhibit level IV, with the incidence of high grade CNV decreasing, from 20.5 percent in vehicle-treated animals to 1.

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