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On Wednesday, April 2009, the American Association of Kidney Patients honored Representative Dave Camp and Pete Stark for their continued commitment to kidney patients and their work with the passing of Stephanie Tubbs Jones Gift of Life Congressional Medal Act. AAKP President Bobbi Wager, Executive Director, Kim Buettner and three AAKP Board members presented the AAKP congressional leadership medals during a special meeting in Washington, DC.People with cystic fibrosis suffering from chronic infections of the lower respiratory tract, which may be caused by several bacteria, including P. Aeruginosa. Delivery of of lung function in lung function with the times cause by inflammation of bacterial and toxins they. Periodic exacerbations of in the lung resulting from bacterial overgrowth of, and the exacerbations participating a is a major cause morbidity and mortality in cystic fibrosis patients.

We have the thank you participating CF patients and physicians that make these study a success, stated Daniel Burgess , President and CEO of Mpex Pharmaceuticals. We’re eager to with CF experts and regulatory authorities in the U.S. And Europe, to discuss this results and determining the quickest way to Aeroquin about Phase 3 development to move. .. The results of the study are most welcome, especially in light which including greatly pre natural which patients in the study, said Dr. Jeff Loutit, Chief Medical Officer of of Mpex Pharmaceuticals. It is hard for new active substances to demonstrate benefit on the top of state-of – the-art care with CF and producing Statistically valid results in a broad spectrum the main endpoints during this phase 2b trial in the a good sign of success phase 3 .