Africa needs policies.

As a result, cell phones experienced some dramatic effects, particularly in rural Africa, say the researchers: farmers can compare marketplace charges for the grain they grow; fisherman can sell their catch every full day time and reduce spoilage and waste by locating customers; health workers remind AIDS patients to take their daily medication; day laborers find job opportunities; Africans have an affordable method to and quickly transfer money easily; health clinics can collect, measure, monitor and talk about health data; families share information of natural disasters, epidemics and conflicts; people learn to read and compose to send text messages; election campaigns are monitored to avoid cheating; and new careers are being produced, such as small shops that sell, charge and repair cell-telephone handsets, as well as sell pre-paid telephone credits..

The study, part of the SLE Genetics Consortium , is probably the few to concentrate therefore greatly on the genetic variants in non-Caucasian populations and can hire a powerful genotyping platform referred to as the ImmunoChip, allowing for a significantly broader evaluation of genetic variants in individuals while utilizing the most current and comprehensive information about human DNA. ‘We are proud to advocate for and fund such an important study geared toward understanding the genetic basis of lupus in different populations,’ said Ken Farber, executive director, Alliance for Lupus Analysis.