ADM commits $25 million equity investment in Rennovia Archer Daniels Midland Company and Rennovia.

Announced today that ADM provides committed to a $25 million collateral investment in the privately held company, which evolves catalysts and processes for the cost-advantaged creation of chemical items from renewable feedstocks. ‘This investment is component of ADM's ongoing efforts to enhance returns by strengthening our portfolio of higher-margin products,’ said Kevin Moore, ADM vice president, Renewable Chemicals. ‘There is normally significant and developing demand for chemical substance products made from renewable feedstocks.’ ‘We are committed to continuing to recognize novel technologies offering high yields and low conversion costs,’ stated Todd Werpy, ADM senior vice president, Research and Development.Following Research have shown the importance of eating breakfast in order to decrease the risk for chronic disease and keeping weight loss. * Females who consider skip their breakfast or are irregular at acquiring it, increases their risk of diabetes by 28 percent in comparison with women who take breakfast daily. * People, who add whole grain cereals within their breakfast, reduce their risk of getting diabetes significantly. * A compared to those who skip breakfast three to four 4 times weekly or more, the rate of diabetes, belly fat, obesity and hypertension is certainly less in the people who take breakfast daily.