ACS honors Boston pediatric cosmetic surgeon with 2012 Jacobson Creativity Award W.

As a result, he began to surgically fix, rather than divert, dilated ureters and kidneys. He devised a repair for megaureters, and a restoration of complicated cloacal anomalies, as well as a series of functions to reconstruct children with disorders of sexual differentiation. The next phase was to repair children who had undergone diversion methods. Thus, ‘undiversion’ was the word chosen to describe this new surgical approach. Another advance that resulted from Dr. Hendren’s function was improving the quality of life for individuals by ending the use of collection bags found in diversionary techniques. Through the advancement of undiversion procedures, Dr.‘For over a hundred years, we’ve known allergy immunotherapy can be impressive and improves quality of life,’ said Ira Finegold, MD, ACAAI seat of the Immunotherapy and Diagnostics Committee. ‘Recent research provides immunotherapy to the forefront of patient-centered, cost-effective treatment, furthers our understanding of the immune system and offers promising fresh delivery alternatives.’ Reducing Costs Allergy immunotherapy is the only treatment obtainable that actually changes the immune system, to be able to prevent the development of new asthma and allergic reactions.