According to the report published in the journal BMC Public Health.

Socio-economic research project was supported by the Cluster of Excellence ‘corporate dependency and social networks ‘of the Ministry of Science, Research and Training funded Culture of Rhineland-Palatinate. Professor Eva M? Nster and her team at the Institute of Occupational, Social and Environmental Medicine evaluated data for a total of more than 9000 persons. Of the 949 over-indebted persons who completed the questionnaire sent by the Institute, 25 percent were overweight. In comparison only 11 percent of 8318 people were represent a cross section of the population in Germany, in in a telephone survey carried out by the Robert Koch Institute in 2003 conducted obese.

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The indebtedness of households is not just a financial and legal problem, but, as demonstrated here, also meets social and health issues. ‘Over – over-indebted people and their families need targeted, group-specific advice and assistance in relation to the promotion of health and prevention. This is the mission of the public health, that is, the federal and provincial ministries and municipalities do not forget the health insurance ‘.In any event, having asthmatic or other allergic conditions anything useful for you.Black tree carried out which study with researchers at Swedes, UK and Wake Forest University , Wake Forest, North Carolina. It received funds from the the National Cancer Institute, the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research, of the Swedish Cancer Society, Swedish Research Council, the EU fifth framework program and of International Union Against Cancer.

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