AARP volunteers call on Sen.

Opponents of health reform are spreading such myths as: health reform will hurt Medicare; it will allow the national government to create life-and-loss of life decisions for you; and reform is usually socialized medicine. AARP has setup a website ( where the public can get the reality and other up-to-date info on medical care reform debate.. AARP volunteers call on Sen. Durbin with Rx bottles comprising constituents’ health care stories Springfield AARP Volunteers Deliver Constituent’s Health Care Stories in Rx Bottles & Ask Senator, Congressmen to Deal with Issue While People of Congress could be taking a break from Washington, AARP is making sure they don’t get a break from the necessity to fix the broken healthcare system.Doctors at an unrelated clinic in Russia got apparently utilized the stem cell injections to try to deal with the boy for a uncommon genetic disease known as ataxia telangiectasia. Upon examining the surgically removed spinal cord tumor, the scientists identified that the tumor arose from the stem cells of at least two donors. The tumor was made up of both feminine and male cells and the tumor cells acquired two regular copies of the gene that causes ataxia telangiectasia when mutated. As the first documented case of human neural fetal stem cell injections resulting in tumor growth, this tale has captured media attention worldwide — spurring discussions on how the safety of stem cell therapies ought to be evaluated. As for the authors of the article, they recommended more analysis on stem cell therapy security, but did not recommend halting stem cell study.