A spokesperson for the Drinkaware trust told the BBC that it is essential we are in the picture.

A spokesperson for the Drinkaware trust told the BBC that it is essential we are in the picture, when it comes to what we drink it goes. .

The main findings of the Know Your Limits survey show that:42 % of women know they did not admit that a glass of white wine the same number of calories as a bag of chips.40 % of men do not realize that a pint of lager as many calories as a sausage roll contains.More than 1 in 3 drinkers , they gave probably were more than usual to eat or abandon a healthy diet when they drank on their recommended daily limit.

The results of these studies in relation to the benefits of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and uncertainty are taken granted in their designs , we can. Strongly recommended strongly recommended, further prospective studies the matter further the matter further. .Due to former droughts that people have in the area experienced serious food scarcity and high malnutrition. Men ‘s immunity being weakened so that they more susceptible to diseases. – The WHO priorities in the area are the water and sanitation system, monitoring of disease outbreaks, the running of health services and food and nutrition policies further improve we will also initiate Indoor Residual Spraying to tackle malaria and to immunization children. Bearing at least in against measles, one of the top kid murderers, said Dr. WHO is with the authorities and with the Government and for people in need give their support to those in need.

, the number of medical visits in Garrissa doubled in and even triples during the last weeks in comparison to pre – flood period the three leading reasons for consulting of diarrhea, malaria and. Respiratory diseases These cases were 2-3 times higher in comparison before the flooding, outbreaks of cholera has been reported with fatalities, and in the near future expected to continue in the near future.