A rare and aggressive form of cancer with a high medical need and very limited survival.

About BecatecarinBecatecarin is a small molecule anticancer compound for the treatment of hepatobiliary duct tumors, a rare and aggressive form of cancer with a high medical need and very limited survival. Becatecarin been granted orphan drug designation in the United States and the European Union. Exelixisout Exelixis. Sources:. BioMed Central Limited AlphaGalileo Foundation.

To set Helsinn Becatecarin Free ProgramExelixis today announced that its licensee Helsinn Healthcare SA has discontinued enrollment of new patients in the becatecarin Phase III clinical trial program in biliary tract tumors. In Exelixis licensed becatecarin from Bristol-Myers Squibb in 2001 and thereafter it Helsinn licensed in June 2005. Helsinn reports noted that despite some signs of becatecarin activity, preliminary analysis of the Phase III data by an independent Data Monitoring Committee comparator comparator agent 5 – fluorouracil demonstrated a greater than expected survival benefit that statistically unlikely that the final results of the study could achieve the planned objectives for the trial.The American Physiological Society.. 11.15 Acceleron ACE-031 Preclinical study Results The the treatment of Losing muscle mass and feature.

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