A panel will be of experts convened in Washington.

The committee – which Woodrow Wilson International Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars convened by 28 a number of papers on the question in the Discuss published September issue of the journal Lancet – said that pregnancy complications associated with the death of 500,000 women worldwide each year result. The panelists said the best strategy for the reducing maternal mortality , access to support by trained attendants during childbirth is increasing as such supervisor present at 40 percent of births in sub-Saharan Africa. Panel members added that targeted regional programs are also required because the causes of maternal mortality vary worldwide ..

The study notes that said six of the sites, at least half of the women interviewed with anyone. Faced moderate or severe violence in their country at some point in their lives. Over 25 percent of women were victims of violence in their homes within the last year. Garcia – Moreno said between one-fifth and two-thirds of the women surveyed said it was the first time they had discussed the abuse with anyone. The Yohohama, equal to 15 percent partner violence was the lowest among all sites, while rural Ethiopia of 71 percent was the highest (Rosenthal, International Herald Tribune, ‘The results show that in a wide range of settings, women are in by an intimate partner by an intimate partner than by any other type of offender ‘Garcia-Moreno (told Reuters[1].

Oral misoprostol in preventing postpartum haemorrhage in resource-poor communities: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Lancet: Richard Derman the University of Missouri – Kansas City and his colleagues assigned from September 2002 to December 2005 live at random in 1620 women in rural India either the drug misoprostol, which is commonly used to treat ulcers, developing world, people after delivery of an infant to receive.‘We see the same gene in small number of cancers that we that we were once thought to the general population mutant which is important for which patient, for one day in the near future we will be in a position to integrate a trial for. This gene – and others – in a simple a screening tool , the extent to which an individual may revealed with a risk of developing of cancer. ‘. Contact: Michelle Gailiun, Medical Centre Communications, 614-293-3737.

The results are on 21st Releases April edition of in New England Journal of Medicine. The results indicate that a lot of cancerous we are once known as coincidental might not be so random after all, says George Calin, adjunct lecturer and researcher in molecular virology, immunology and of Medical Genetics and the first author study. Him added that the results keep important diagnostic and economic implications, as well.