A new perspective on the obesity epidemic Headlines tell us the nation is getting fatter.

She also has received a University of Houston Women’s Research Faculty Summer Fellowship to complete a reserve on contested cultural meanings about body, weight and health.. A new perspective on the obesity ‘epidemic’ Headlines tell us the nation is getting fatter, and that weight problems is becoming an epidemic. But there is more to the complete story, according to one University of Houston sociologist. While she acknowledges that there has been a shift in bodyweight over the full years, associate sociology professor Samantha Kwan talks about weight problems from a different perspective. The word obesity was constructed by the medical community, Kwan says. And the use of the physical body Mass Index, which measures obesity, as the primary factor to define weight problems, has led to the media significantly overstating the rise of the condition.This study is exclusive due to the large size, which allowed us to look more at the different histologic and anatomic subsites of the tumors carefully, said Persson. It will be essential for us to evaluate trends in risk over time, in the modern HIV treatment era particularly. Paula Akugizibwe, ARASA’s executive director, said the protest emerged in the wake of increasing political hostility towards financing universal usage of HIV prevention, treatment and care that experienced repeatedly been promised by leaders around the world, according to the publication. Clear general public and social economic gains do not appear to have got convinced donors on the need to sustain scaled-up of HIV programmes, Akugizibwe stated.