A loaf of wheat bread may soon cost $23 due to skyrocketing food price inflation Within ten years.

Catch the facts on that tale at The UK Guardian newspaper can be reporting on ‘soaring food prices’ due to fast-rising commodity costs: I also predicted ‘food disruptions’ in my list of predictions published earlier this season at Make no mistake: Meals prices are increasing. And with the Fed watering down the dollar thanks to its insane money counterfeiting policies, the U.S. Can be headed into a cost inflation / dollar deflation situation that mean you will have to spent much more dollars to buy the same meals in 2015 simply because you did this year 2010. What will this all mean for you and me? As the springtime comes back in a couple of months, it might be a great time to start thinking about growing a little garden for yourself. We’ll be covering this story in much more details in the spring, including details on where you might get heirloom seeds, how to practice ‘preparedness’ gardening and other equivalent topics.Aerobics DVDs and Videos Even though I purchased my first aerobics DVD nearly three years ago, I used it once and also have not really touched it since. EASILY think long enough, I might have the ability to recall the title. It is extremely likely somewhere in my back again of my closet although I haven’t run across it in a long time. But I really do remember a couple of things about it. The label was a shiny ugly color pink, with a Jaws-like dude on leading with a big smile and big hair, covered in spandex, informing me it was period to get skinny. I must say i thought the aerobic Dvd and blu-ray would encourage me to get my tail in shape, nonetheless it was not meant to be.