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Active ingredient levels in the blood were the same on days 1 and 28, which indicates that there is not an accumulation. No serious adverse events or dose-related adverse effects were noted. -here was a statistically significant improvement was shown in an oral glucose tolerance test on 28 Day after two hours, plus a trend to lower fasting plasma glucose levels.. 5 g or 5 g of type 2 diabetic patients na na ve to judge others? Diabetes drug treatments.

Both the 2.5 g and 5 g doses were found to be safe and well tolerated.

Peter Elliott, Senior Vice President of Development at Sirtris, said: ‘This is the first time that a small molecule targeting sirtuins, the genes that control the aging process, has shown efficacy in a disease of aging this stage. 1b study results are an important step forward for Sirtris because they represent significant progress in our clinical development of sirtuin therapeutics. We are very pleased to see, the safety profile observed in preclinical studies in a well-tolerated drug molecule to translate for patients and we are very impressed with the blood glucose lowering effect on oral glucose test encourages measured. ‘.In a statement day, told the MS Society, be that funding of three Germany trials in the international studies.

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Professor John Read and Richard Bentall – in the past month issued in which international journal Epidemiologia Send Psychiatria Sociale have just Your the review of scientific References submitted.